This is a public service announcement: I am moving my poetry to a new site Poetry on the run.
I just thought it would fun to make up a new page and it will make it easier to for me to stay organized...and christ knows I need a buttload of help in that department.  So if you like my poetry check out my new site, if you don't like it well even Philistines have a right to their opinion.

That's all I have for now.

Vonnegut via Joe Moreno



06/24/2012 23:31

will i get notifications for both? love the vonnegut piece...nearly made me cry first thing on a monday morning...only that man can do that and earn my gratitude.

06/25/2012 08:40

if you are getting the humble humanist via rss you will need to do that for poetry on the run...otherwise i can send you a link when i add something new. i am trying to get a subscription button but i am having trouble figuring it out...will let you know when i overcome my technical dumbassness.
i came across the vonnegut quotation on facebook and just had to share it with everyone i can reach.

06/25/2012 08:45

technical that what's been ailing me all these years? i say we stick with the more dignified "luddite" - how 'bout you?

also, mind if I re-post that vonnegut quote?

06/25/2012 09:23

agreed luddite it is. i have managed to figure out an email subscription. so if you go to the site you can now get it via email...even a blind luddite finds an acorn now and then.

i think you should re-post that quotation where ever you can...i did.


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